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Luz Irizarry


How I Started

Photo credit: Catherine Fortunato Photography

Photo credit: Catherine Fortunato Photography

  My journey began in high school, during this time my brother was serving in the Navy as a photojournalist and every time he would visit after a deployment, he always brought his camera and let me tinker with it. He was my inspiration for capturing people and moments through a digital lens. He was always honest and helpful; pushing me to be better in my craft, and always candid about my progress. One day I decided to follow in my brother’s steps and joined the yearbook committee. I was honored to capture and document my peers’ day to day activities. My skill and passion for capturing life’s moments grew and I was never the same. After graduation, I married the love of my life and three months later, we were ecstatic that our first child was on the way. 

The story gets better, I promise. 


 Ever since graduation, I knew my calling was photography. The more I researched, the more discouraged I became; I just graduated high school, got married and was expecting. Photography required a good DSLR camera and software, but little did I know that a blessing was on the way. A few months after announcing my pregnancy, a dear friend of mind reached out via Facebook. He expressed his excitement for our pregnancy and made a promise, that if our daughter was born on May 17th, his late wife’s favorite day of the year (Norway’s Independence Day) he would give us a gift of $1000 so I may purchase a camera. Reading these words brought tears to my eye as I knew God was doing something in my life; because on May 17, 2012 our precious daughter was born. During my time in the hospital I really didn’t give much thought about that promise; because both my husband and I focused on our new baby. The following evening, that dear friend came to visit us at the hospital and handed me the money. I looked at him in shock as I completely forgot what day it was. In that moment I was so grateful for the people God put in my path during that time. Till this day I will always remember that moment, for this was the start of my journey as a photographer. It’s been 10 years since I first picked up a camera and fell in love with the little movements in life, the moments that happen in fractions of a second. 


“You’ll never know the moments you miss until you see it captured on film.”