The Sengsavanh's Maternity Session


As the sun set even more the warm colors started to come out, bringing out the beautiful pink maternity gown with a subtle glow. She was radiant as the sun rays surrounded her making her look like a goddess.


Coming to the most favorite part of their session. We got into the water even though the waves where coming in strong. It was a challenge at the start since the tide was pulling strong and I wanted to make sure mom didn’t take a fall. But she showed no fear and walked right in with her husband and we had a blast.


The Sengsavanh’s Maternity session was by far the most fun and wettest session I had in a while. From the moment we start they both where energetic and I could just tell they where so excited to meet their little one in the coming weeks. We met up at Jonson beach out in Perdido Key. It’s one of my go to beaches that has less Crowds and brings beautiful sunsets. Dad was excited every time I told him to come into the frame for a picture, and you can feel the anticipation from him with every moment he looked and touched mom and baby. Mom was stunning and with every touch from her husband brought the most beautiful smiles and laughs even when he wasn’t in the picture.


Dad would give her sweet tender kisses every chance he got.


As the waves came in they walked further out wanting to capture that moment when the swell broke right on them. It was the perfect shot.