What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag


Before Delivery 

It’s almost that time were setting the final arrangements before your baby’s arrival. If you’re a first-time mom, this can be a bit stressful. Don’t worry, I wrote this just for you so that there is one less thing to check off your ‘To Do’ list. We all know that trying for your first is stressful enough, but when you and your partner finally see that positive pregnancy test there Is some relief. With the initial excitement of conceiving quickly turns into a thousand questions and worries, not to mention the threat of miscarriage which happens in 1 in 4 pregnancies. The morning sickness that happens at any time of the day or what nutrient rich foods should you eat, and not to mention the best prenatal vitamin to take. There is just so much to do before you get to meet your much-loved child. 

 After your first trimester hurtle and announcing that you are expecting, your questions and worries can change, like finding the perfect baby name and getting the best car seat or decorating the nursery. But when it comes down to the last few weeks of pregnancy it’s time to pack that hospital bag. The question is, what do you put in it? 

 Get a good size bag to fit everything you need so that your partner is not carrying so many things. First, you will need your birth plan, its best to have a hard copy in case you lose your phone along with your insurance card and photo ID. According to business insider, it’s cost about $30,000 to have a baby in the US, so making sure you have your insurance information on hand is a must. 

 Let’s talk about comfort for a minute. Not to scare you but labor is painful, and it amazes me that our bodies know what do to. So, walking around the hospital or just being in your room on a yoga ball, you want to be in some conformable clothing. Packing your favorite bathrobe, slippers or socks, message oils and lip balm is a good place to start along with a comfortable pillow. These items can help you have a sense of familiarity in a hospital setting. 

 How about setting the mood? Being in a sterile environment and hearing all the medical machines can easily overstimulate your senses bringing you in a state of anxiety. Having a small Bluetooth speaker and playing soft soothing music in the background can help drown out some of that noise and help you relax; letting your body work. Side note: diming the lights too can help with anxiety.


After Delivery

 Now that you have everything in your bag to help you through labor, let’s discus after delivery. I hope you see why I told you to have a good size bag. Now that baby is here it’s time to freshen up. Birth is a beautiful thing but it’s also messy and afterwards you’re going to want a shower to clean yourself up. So, having your basic toiletries is a must. I recommend getting a small travel size make up bag to put in a hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, extra hair ties, travel size shampoo/conditioner set and a plastic bag to put dirty clothes in. If you plan on having a photographer for a fresh 48 session, have your cosmetic and skin care products in there too. 

 Let’s not forget your underwear. I’m not going to lie; those big granny panties are going to be a lifesaver and the most comfortable. A nursing braw for easy access along with nursing pads and nipple cream too; heaven knows your definitely going to need those. Don’t forget those big ole maternity pads too. Even after delivery you can expect to bleed for about 2 week or so.

 Most moms would rather be in their own nightgowns then those flappy exposing hospital ones, so bring a nice light weighted gown as well. When it’s time to get discharged you will need a set of clothes. I recommend a maxi dress because you may still be sore especially if you had a C-section. 

 Your phones! You don’t want to let the battery die and not get a chance to start taking tons of pictures of your baby. It may sound silly, but a lot of first-time parents forget their phone chargers in the mist of the excitement. Putting a spare charger in the bag will help you relax a bit instead of having your partner run back home to get it, especially if your place is far. 

 How about snacks? Having something to munch on during and after labor can help with your strength especially if it’s a long delivery. But, having cash on you will also help. Babies come on their own schedule, so if you get hungry in the middle of the night there is a good chance the cafeteria is closed. Having some cash for the vending machines will be a good back up. Even after delivery your hormones are pretty much crashing so putting something in your stomach can help. 

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What About Your Partner?

 Your partner needs a hospital bag too. They are one of your biggest suppers, so having some essential things would be nice. Here are somethings they need: a change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, camera or recorder, small comfortable pillow and blanket, and some entertainment to pass the time. 

Your Baby

 The most important person to pack for is your baby. For me, it’s the most exciting part of packing a hospital bag. There are so many things that can go into the bag but having a few items will do. Socks and boodies are a great way in keeping your baby warm along with skin to skin contact. So having a few pairs should do the trick. Another thing is blankets, I know the hospital will provide blankets but having your own will also be used when you are on the way home and help keep your little one warm.

 Finding that perfect going home outfit can be a challenge. Why you may ask, let me tell you. Depending on what season you have your baby plays a big factor, so making sure you get the appropriate outerwear can be a task if you are in spring and your due date is in December. But not to worry some stores like Burlington Coat Factory usually has outfits for any season. 

 Speaking of going home, time to look at car seats. There is a surprisingly large amount of them in the market today including off brand seats. So, taking the time to look at reviews and checking out how they rate in safety and quality is the most important item to check off your list. One of the biggest requirements; they should be up to date on their safety measures. Yes, you want your baby’s seat to look nice but pretty does not mean safe. 


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