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Why Birth Photography

You’re here because you know that your birth is life changing. Capturing one of life’s greatest moments and knowing that every pregnancy and birth is unique. When hiring a birth photographer you put every trust in them to document the little moments, but also capture it in the most artistic way. It’s also a way for you and your partner to relax and just experience the moments without having to worry about grabbing your phone or camera to take pictures that may come out dark and out of focus. Watching two people transform right in front of your eyes in becoming parents, it’s the most breathtaking moment to capture. It’s looking back and remembering each emotion you were feeling when your baby was put on your chest. The way your partner whispers in your ear of how strong and beautiful you are. Nothing is more memorable when you have beautiful portraiture of your Childs birth story and get to see all the little things you have missed.

This is why I do birth photography. When you hire a photographer for such an intimate time, you are entrusting them with the most important task and that is to record the most smallest details and actions. The moments that you don’t get to see when you're not looking. The instant clarity you get when you look into your Childs eye and know that you are going to rock this. I am your memory preserver.

When you book with me, I concentrate on your experience and what you expect out of your whole birth. I will be on call 24/7 when you are 37 weeks on. The days leading up to your due date, communication will be more frequent. If you are having a home birth, I will be with you when your contractions are 3-5 minutes apart. If you’re in the hospital or birth center I will be there when your about 5-6cm.

The best part is that throughout your delivery I will be capturing some film for your child birth story. I will also remain with you up to 2 hours after delivery to capture some of the first quiet moments with you and baby.

Let’s plan your story







30-60 minute session at a location of your choosing. Up to 40 digital images with a mobile app. Maternity gowns will be available soon.


Fresh 48

30 minute session at the hospital or birthing center. Up to 30 digital images, a Hello World highlight film and a mobile app.



60-90 minute session in your home or on location. Up to 40 digital images, a Welcome Home highlight film and a mobile app.


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